About the Study & Reading Schedule

rumc_logo_color_med_wdsWelcome to our “Journey Through Matthew”. This study comes out of our sermon series at Rosemount United Methodist Church. We are a community of followers of Jesus who are committed to seeking after Christ, serving people and Celebrating all that God is doing in and through us. If you’re in the area, check us out!Over the next three months we will be studying the Book of Matthew. This is my (Pastor Paul) daily blog on that journey. This is not meant to be a teaching tool as much as place for ideas. I will simply be posting what I sense the Spirit of God doing in me through our daily reading of the Book of Matthew as well as the thoughts from Justo Gonzalez’ Three Months With Matthew.You are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to interact with what I say here. Comment with your own thoughts, ask clarifying questions, and respond to what I say. Just a couple rules: 1, let’s do this respectfully: I want this to be a place where we can question but in that way fosters conversation not argument. 2, do it authentically: Don’t feel like you need to have some keen theological insight. The goal is to be formed through conversation not be “smart”. So just be you, be honest, and be real.Thanks for joining the journey! We will begin on January 6th, so watch for the first reflection then. Here we go…
The daily reading schedule for “The Journey Through Matthew” is taken from Justo Gonzalez’ book, Three Months With Matthew. You can purchase it here.
matthew reading listmatthew reading list 2 




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